The name of this ceiling lamp by Stefan Krivokapic (Skrivo Design) is inspired by a stage of the process whereby metal is forged. In the Medieval days, the Tuscan blacksmiths used full iron rods that were first heated and then beaten (in Italian battuto) to achieve the required three-dimensional shape. By revisiting this very traditional metalworking even the strongest and the most inflexible iron is bended and it takes on a very organic and three-dimensional aspect.

The final outcome is a series of sculptural suspended lamps that are composed of multiple iron forged tubes that reflect light in a very particular manner thanks to the faceted surface.

Available in three sizes and three finishes (natural iron, 24 k gold and nickel) Batti.Batti is the perfect solution to give refined character to any space it is hosted in without lacking its minimal shapes.

Unique pieces, since hand crafted, a perfect “fusion” between past and future.

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