How to decorate your living room with industrial design

How to decorate your living room with industrial design

The industrial decorating style has gained its own loyal following over the past few decades. Inspired by industrial architecture and originated from the 1960s, when the need for housing in old abandoned factories and warehouses arose, and until today has not stopped evolving, capturing a more modest style that nevertheless highlights a magnificence through its own simplicity. The industrial style completely bases its charm on everyday, utilitarian details that are directly linked to the emergence of this informal factory character that transforms the spaces by decoratively making use of the specific architecture.

The main guidelines and elements that interiors of the industrial style give special attention are:

1. Emergence of structural elements

Even though today we are not referring to the decoration of really old industrial spaces, the style in question represents the popular decorative use of stone walls, exposed concrete surfaces, external pipes, beams and all this tied seamlessly with industrial monochromes in all cool and neutral tones.

2. Selection of natural materials

The more effortless the style is, the less pretentious and natural the result is. For this reason, materials such as stone, glass, wood and leather are prominent in the industrial style. They are highlighted both in combination and through their independent use in the spaces.

3. Use of neutral tones

Blue, grey and brown dominate the industrial decoration, achieving harmony in the architectural needs of the building. Many invest in the natural look of cement, giving even cleaner decorative interventions.

4. Simple lines in the furniture design

In furnishing, the above principles are fully utilised. As a result, elaborate designs, volume and multiple colours are absent. Simple patterns, straight lines or slight curves that initiate movement, neutral colours, natural metallic elements and inox details are preferred.

And so, for those who wish to adopt this style, the news is great. On the market there are many ideas, furniture, accessories and props that decorate the space with the nostalgia and the modern dynamic view of the industrial style. See some suggestions below:

Franky chair

Franky’s main characteristics are metal and leather, which perfectly integrate into the minimalist concept of industrial decoration with its own business-chic comfort.

Iron shelf

A perfectly stable and dynamic shape composes an aesthetically pleasing storage system with five shelves. The metallic feel combined with the wood makes the set a typical sample of industrial approach.

Lennox Sofa

Lennox sofa in the colours of processed leather ensures the necessary comfort without its asymmetries hindering easy movement in the minimalist spaces required by the industrial style. At the same time, it’s enhancing personalisation, as its characteristics can complement any environment.

Aris Bed

Upholstered in leather, the bed has the sophisticated and versatile character that suits dynamically evolving modern spaces. The leather lining and finishes on the legs allow the creation of completely different aesthetics depending on personal taste and needs.

Quatro Composition

 A complete composition of a wooden TV cabinet and a metal wall shelf reliably reflects the practical and vigorous approach of industrial decoration.

Aka Table

Made of solid acacia wood, it stands out for its distinctive design of the top which is perfectly complemented by its black steel base, giving the table a robust industrial look.

As charming as the industrial style is, it needs careful selection so that all the elements engage flawlessly together. Living’s expert team of interior designers can help you incorporate industrial style into your home, highlighting decorative perspectives of their architectural elements that you hadn’t thought of.

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