How to decorate your space with a minimalist approach

How to decorate your space with a minimalist approach

Minimalism is a trend that extends from architecture, to other arts and of course decoration, filling the need for expression through the oft-quoted but always accurate “less is more”.

With timelessness and consistency in this approach, the minimalist perspective does not aim to negate the need for comfort, but aims to highlight that it does not necessarily impose through excess or overconsumption. Many times, the practicality of an object upgrades its usability, thus achieving the combination of functionality and precise aesthetics through an uncomplicated but absolutely charming union.

Contemporary decoration is largely influenced by the minimalist era, which is why geometries, simple lines, clean surfaces, sometimes light and sometimes solid volumes appear more than mix’n’match furniture and colors. In the minimalist style, things and objects are dispossessed of their elaborate details and narrowed down to their basic lines, thus highlighting and exposing the initial beauty of shapes, colors and materials such as glass and metal.

Oriented towards the minimalist trend, are the following pieces of furniture and accessories that you will find in our Living showrooms:

Allison Sofa

Allison sofa, with all of its expressive dynamics, represents the unfocused sense of the minimalist element, as reflected in the metal frame and the austere charm of the fabric upholstery.

Lyb Floor 

Lyb floor lamp fits into any space, combining its impeccable functionality with disciplined straight metal lines.

Kyo Armchair

An elegant and metal frame supports the comfort of Kyo armchair. The monochrome of the fabric comes in a wonderful aesthetic clash with the black metal, acquiring style in any space.

Trenta small tables 

Trenta coffee tables series’ with metal and wooden characteristics creates a great example of minimalist style.

Ipanema Bed

Ipanema’s structuralist logic finds the perfect application in clean lines and geometric embellishments. The covers are delineated by the design and its minimalist approach composes an effect that fills the bedroom without weighing it down.

Minimalism, as we have seen from the above products in our collection, carries the air of an elite character that does require noise or effort to steal the show. Minimalism does not mean at all minimising the quality of design or objects. The reduction in quantity and the emphasis on the dynamics of shapes is not accompanied by a low calculation of the value of objects, but on their superiority.

If you’re excited about the minimalist aesthetic and design, and you want to experiment with it, enhancing and upgrading your space, the expert team of interior designers of Living are always at your disposal for more details about products and design elements, that are at their core, genuine expressions of the prestige and elegance that exudes from minimalist approach in design.

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