We’ve got some paw-ntastic news!

We’ve got some paw-ntastic news!

For some of you, pets are part of your family, for others a great companion or the best roommate they ever had. But for all, pets are undeniably an inexhaustible source of joy and love! Here, at Living we don’t want to separate you from your dog for even more hours than work and responsibilities do and we definitely don’t want to exclude any of your family members, whether they are on feet or paws.

So, without any further ado we are delighted to announce that Living, member of Ergo Home Group, is now welcoming your dog friends!

As of April 2023, dog owners (and dog parents) are welcomed to visit our Living showrooms in Nicosia and Limassol, together with their pet friends. You can browse, get inspired by our collections, mingle with our staff, and choose your furniture together.

You’re #livingtogether after all!

We hope you are as excited with this initiative as we are, and that we will get to welcome happy faces along with adorable paws in our Living showrooms.

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