How to decorate your outdoor space in a contemporary design

How to decorate your outdoor space in a contemporary design

As summer approaches, the outdoor area and the garden invite us for carefree summer moments, and therefore it’s the ideal opportunity to decorate it with furniture and accessories that highlight the most modern perspective that perfectly suit today’s lifestyle. Combining natural touches with urban style, the contemporary style renews classic lines and redefines the aesthetics of the garden in the light of additions that love simplicity and classic beauty.

Contemporary spaces are usually distinguished for their minimalist approach, following more neutral tones and the omnipotence of white. Of course, this does not mean that we do not encounter contemporary settings that play with colours and more elaborate compositions.

Vertical and clean lines are preferred, and therefore in garden equipment but also in every space that follows this style, we notice dynamic designs, with clearly defined lines, gentle angles and bold curves.

In the outdoor area and garden, the contemporary style is achieved through the harmonious composition of color contrasts combined with the appropriate accessories and intense lines of outdoor furniture.

Here’s some of the furniture items that you will find in Living showrooms and are the ultimate personification of contemporary aesthetics for the garden:

Scott Three-Seater Sofa 

Scott three-seater sofa consists of fabric, metal and synthetic knits conveys the austere dominance of simplicity and comfort in the garden. The macramé technique takes centre stage on the back and arms of this perfectly comfortable sofa, ensuring its comfort and subtle charm.

Orbit side tables 

An unconventional series of outdoor coffee tables that embody tranquillity and invite us on a journey with their exotic lines, to places that free the mind from the urban environment. With their trademark round shape and low height, these coffee tables are ideal for relaxing while enjoying your coffee or drink.

Floatzac beanbag

Floatzac is a waterproof floating piece of relaxation that allows us to live every moment right outside our home as if we are on vacation. With washable and sun-resistant fabric, Floatzac poof-lounger floats on water, and it also has straps that transform it from a bean- bag into a lounger, but also allows us to take it everywhere!

Bolleke hanging lights

 Bolleke hanging lamp in sphere shape, is rechargeable with three different support positions. It is the absolute contemporary outdoor lamp, which gives any part of the garden the right lighting we desire.

The original FATBOY beanbag

The ultimate and authentic FATBOY beanbag that will beautify any outdoor space! It is available in various colors and perfectly suits the relaxed feel of the contemporary style.

The contemporary style is the ultimate manifestation of the urban-chic aesthetic that bridges the urban landscape with the need for natural breaths in the decoration.

Therefore, this summer finds us in Living stores to give our garden, yard or even balcony, harmony, grace and excellent contemporary design!

Living’s expert team of interior designers is waiting for you for personalised advice adapted to the needs of your space.

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