The Fatboy® Original beanbag is where it all began. Designed by Finnish designer Jukka Setälä, the Original beanbag is the most famous beanbag in the world and the first member of the Fatboy® family. A lifestyle icon, practically indestructible and ultimately comfortable. The Original beanbag can be used in countless ways since it shapes effortlessly from mattress to an ergonomic lounge chair and everything in between. The puffy yet sturdy form allows complete relaxation. Its size allows you to fall on and completely sink into the beanbag. The high-quality filling consists of EPS cylinders, allowing the beanbag to be shaped based on your whim and adjust to your sitting or lying position perfectly. Water and dirt resistant, it stays beautiful for many years in every colour. Available in Blue and Dark Grey.

Always innovative, cheerful and with a charming wink, the iconic Original Fatboy® is everyone’s friend!

Dimensions: L180 x W140 cm
Material: Nylon
Filling: Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

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